Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has been growing in a very rapid pace. Take Facebook for instance – only ten short years after the launch, its advertising revenue surpassed $8 billion and continues to grow. This is just one example of how successful and big this industry is becoming.

In social media advertising, businesses search for perspective customers by using the information already provided by the network users within their profiles. In contrast to the traditional paid search advertising, social media ad campaigns pro-actively identify relevant users based on their interests.

The ads may drive users to complete some measurable actions, like making a purchase or signing up for an event. With advanced measuring tools, we are able to track back any conversions that occurred on a page to the ad(s) from your campaign. By closely monitoring these metrics, we help businesses better manage their ad budgets and marketing strategy.

Social media advertising includes:

  • Brand awareness campaigns on YouTube
  • Facebook fan acquisition campaigns
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Twitter lead generation