PPC Pricing

At NikaMedia, we understand that every client is unique and that’s exactly the reason why we employ a number of different PPC billing models.

We’d be happy to discuss our percentage-of-spend, flat service fee or hourly billing options.  A new model based on PPC campaign performance is also available and may prove beneficial for some of our clients.


A typical PPC agency charges around 15-25% of your monthly ad spend. This way, if you spent $1,000 with Google Adwords in any given month, the fee would be $150-250. Can be used with display advertising, ppc or social media ads.

Flat Service Fee

Upon a thorough PPC scope of work assessment with a client, we would come to an agreement as to what the fee is and how additional work (if requested) would be billed. This model gives the client peace of mind as it clearly defines and limits the agency’s fees.

Hourly Rate

Our fees are based on the amount of time spent on creating, fine-tuning or managing your PPC campaign. As with any other option, this can be negotiated depending on the complexity and volume of work required. This pricing model works well with running both a typical paid search or social media campaign.

Pay for Performance

In this model, the agency’s fee is based on the nuber of completed predefined actions you expect your website visitors to perform. An example would be completing and submitting a form, spending a certain amount of time on a page, watching a video, etc. Whatever the engagement you want to see from your visitors – if it can be measured, the pay for performance model can work really well with it.