Mobile Advertising

With an ever-increasing use of mobile devices, such big companies like Google and Facebook have created tools allowing advertisers to specifically target people who browse the web on their phones or tablets. The setup of a mobile PPC campaign is very similar to that of a desktop campaign. We still need to research the target audience, do keyword analysis, setup budgets and bids. However, we do recommend that you point your visitors to the landing page or a website that has been specifically optimized for mobile devices. This will improve user experience and help with conversions.

We also generally separate mobile campaigns from the desktop ad campaigns, as this gives us more room to fine-tune campaign settings and may allow to lower bids and extend the budget.

If you’re considering mobile advertising as a way to reach your target audience, let’s discuss how we can help set it up. Mobile device usage is growing rapidly and we want you to capitalize on this trend.

Setting up and managing a mobile ad campaign includes:

  • Setting up and analyzing conversion funnels
  • A/B tests of ads and landing pages
  • Audience segmentation by device
  • Custom regular or ad-hoc reports