Display Advertising

Display advertising puts different types of ads on websites. Such ads may be based on text, image, flash, or video content. The purpose is to serve ads that visually (and often thematically) fit well with that particular website. Lately, however, display advertising content is more and more tailored to visitors’ browsing history. This way, if you recently searched for, say, “mobile phones”, you may notice that the ads served to you specifically talk about the sales of such devices. If you visit theglobeandmail.com, you will notice several examples of display ads.

There exist whole networks of websites serving banner ads for advertisers wishing to reach a broad audience. Google AdSense is a good example of a large network that displays ads across multiple devices and allows precise audience targeting.

Display advertising services we provide include:

  • Banner ad design
  • Ad campaign development
  • A/B tests
  • Campaign analysis and reporting