NikaMedia Inc. is a Toronto-based PPC marketing and web development agency. We pride ourselves in building quality websites for our clients and helping them find new customers through successful paid search campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook Ads.

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Paid Search

An effective PPC campaign must be constantly monitored and fine-tuned. Its metrics, budgets and performance must be analysed and adjusted. Why not let an experienced SEM (search engine marketing) consultant run it for you while you focus on running your main business? >> Learn more

Display Advertising

Display ads can dramatically increase your brand awareness and sales. In this case, your ads are not limited to just one website. If needed, they can appear across multiple networks and reach a vast audience browsing websites that are thematically relevant to your product. >> Learn more

PPC Audit

An audit will help your campaign perform at its best. We'll analyze its effectiveness and provide recommendations for improvement, which in turn will increase your ROI and reduce cost per click. Let us evaluate your PPC campaign and provide an independent opinion on its performance. >> Learn more